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Hi there! I’m Amena Mabrouk and I’m a hosting expert and the #1 Business coach at GoDaddy. As you read through the sections below detailing my work experience, view it through the lens of helping people. That’s why I do all that I do.  From starting and running to my own business, to excelling at GoDaddy, I did all that I did with the purpose of helping people gain what they want. In doing so, I’ve also gained what I’ve wanted as well. My focus continues to be focused on thinking about how I’m an important part of the process of providing the best coaching possible so the people launching or scaling their business will be helped in what they want to accomplish. 

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I Love to Help People find clarity and purpose in life.

•Charlotte •Fashion Blogger
•Chris •Passionate Artist
•Olenka •CEO iStartFirst
•Mark •CEO CorePath Wealth


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What's the best platform for your business? With 1 & 1 Coaching I'll walk you through the process and simplify the madness! Or I can manage it for you!


What people say!

"I worked with Amena through GoDaddy’s social impact efforts. Amena was extremely involved in community efforts and coaching underserved entrepreneurs. She consistently went above and beyond the programs to provide feedback, create new content and initiate conversations to create better experiences for both entrepreneurs and employee volunteers. Amena is an incredible leader who brings passion and creativity into her work. "
Stacy Cline
Corporate Citizenship Director, GoDaddy

Area of Expertise!

Learn all the tips and tricks on how to take idea to mark.

Promoting your product by adversing and distinctive design.

It’s the blue print to make any business successful. 

How to take idea to market. 

Sharing insightful information about automation testing. 

Marketing. How & where to start for your business.

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Why quality photos is important to your site & biz!

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